Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I woke up this morning (and you should probably know right away, for me morning is around five) with a splitting toothache. Closer inspection proved the last tooth in the tiara of rot and amalgam, the little pearl of tiny perfection, has decided to catch up with the rest of the traitors. On a philosophical level it serves me right - NOT because I down chocolate like there was no other food group with coke to wash down, but because last night I had a fight with Piček and being the drama queen that I work hard to be, when we fight books fly, furniture gets broken, viciously articulated accusations ensue, neighbors put shutters on their windows and teeth get ground.. I was a fool to start the fight and so, hence, it follows: it serves me right.

Good thing is I cannot work with this headache (oh, it STARTS with a toothache, but my teeth never have the decency to stop there), so I've made myself at least go through old files that haven't been opened since the purchase of the new comp. Too many fishing and cooking dailies, so little time..

Vast majority of the old files were texts - and torrents of photos. Those photos haven't seen the light of the screen in years. *shame, tiny person, big eyes* On this day - ironically -(or not) - also the day my camera falls ill, I've learned two holy and unspoken truths about photography:

One - If the shot didn't come out right, accentuate the flaw and it's bound to come out on the other side

and Two - as neutral as possible photo to begin with is half the victory and the other half is a hammerfall loyal Photoshop.

Been trying to download a useful photoshop ever since. So far, just lots of viruses. Funny someone would attach a virus to an artsy program. Guess celebrity soft porn tapes are way passé..